Melinda Feild(non-registered)
Your work is simply AMAZING ....WOW ...SO SUPER PROUD OF YOU :)
Mollye Baker(non-registered)
The pictures look so good!! Thanks for taking them! :) You are so talented!
I have pictures you have taken of my daughter since she was 6 weeks old til the day she took her first steps. These are treasured pictures as pictures say a thousand words. Always said you had an eye for photography and now you out doing one of the many things you do best!! So happy for you and hope the best for you and your business
Vicki Coy in Converse Tx(non-registered)
Anetrius, You are magnificent. In every way, you are magnificent! God bless your works.
Laura Pooler(non-registered)
How talented you are! You can tell through your pictures you have an eye and a love for what you see!
Thank you for sharing with us, especially for helping us see the beauty in everything!
Everything has beauty, not everyone sees it....Confucius
Camilla Allbritton(non-registered)
I love it. This is beautiful work. Anyone can tell that you are capturing your love of photography in the beautiful pictures that you have chosen to share. I always enjoy seeing your work. Thank you for sharing. Keep up the good work and enjoy.
Denise Fannin(non-registered)
You are amazing!
Maureen Adcock(non-registered)
I am so glad you put your work out there for people to see, what a talent you have for capturing peoples memories, I am so happy for you. Good Luck !!!!!!
Lisa Denson(non-registered)
Your pictures are gorgeous! They capture my heart. You are very talented.
I am so glad I met you at Taylor HS!!! We feel very fortunate that you are taking Christina and Mark's engagement pictures!
Melinda Feild(non-registered)
So happy for you Anetrius...your an amazing photographer with a big watching you grow and become this talented photographer. What a blessing you are :) love Melinda
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